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Automatic Sealing Robot


Auxiliary Machine

Product Description

Automatic Sealing Robot performs the final sealing of both double and triple glazed units with dual-component or single component sealant.

The practical and precise sealing head uniformly distributes the sealant around the whole border of the double glazed unit. A corner control equipment automatically engages when the robot processes a corner for neat corner dressing.

The IG unit stops on one of two out feed conveyor whereby it can be collected by hand or lifting device. Automatic Sealing Robot can be predisposed to work with both rectilinear and curved shapes(option) and is supported via an pre-entered shape library.

The IG units are transported on specially designed ‘V’ shaped conveyors which assists the sealing process of the line.


  • Automatic adjust sealing amount by automatic detection of depth of spacer(or spacer width)
  • Perfect finishing corner/edge
  • Self-diagnosis and alarm function
  • Triple IG unit option
  • Step IG unit option