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Fully Automatic Flexible Spacer IG Production Line


Flexible Spacer IG Line

Product Description

In order to adapt the technology revolution in I.G. industry, by implementing new technology and new material TE-FNG series is introduced. This series is a fully automated line integrated with edge deletion, washing, framing, gas filling and sealing. Abandoned the tradition overelaborate procedure : spacer cutting, bending, desiccant filling, butyling and framing, the whole I.G. production will be completed by TE-FNG solely. This high efficiency production line optimizes productivity with less manpower.

The I.G.U. with combination of Flexible Warm Edge and reactive Hot Melt achieves perfect sealing and structure strength level. In addition, high percentage insert gas filling ultimates its heat insulating



  • A high speed production line that consists of edge deleting, washing, framing, gas filling and sealing
  • Implementing EtherMAC system and servo drive to achieve perfect speed and accuracy coordination
  • Choice on sealing : Hot Melt or two-components
  • Option on shaped pattern and triple glass
  • Customize on oversized line is available. Maximum size up to 3300x10000mm