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Flexible spacer Robot


Auxiliary Machine

Product Description

Special designed automatic machine for Flexible Warm Edge Spacer represents by Superspacer. There are 2 modes that applies for T spacer or general Superspacer. T type spacer works butyl and suitable for silicone or polysulfide sealant.

Ultiliting advanced EtherMAC and Beckhoff control system makes it possible to synchronize with I.G. production freely. Comparing with tradition spacer framing, productivity by 30% and labor 40%. Different spacer shape pattern is available.


  • EtherMAC system and multi-axis precision servo drive to achieve perfect speed and accuracy coordination
  • Framing speed up to 40m/min
  • Work with or without I.G. Line
  • Sealed spacer storage; easy to replace and maintain
  • Butyl application function(option), compatible with both T spacer and general Superspacer
  • Shapes pattern available potion
  • Auto corner taping option