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Butyl Extruder


Auxiliary Machine

Product Description

Butyl extruder can process frames from 6 to 25mm width. The feeding nozzles can be positioned to deliver uniform sealing. Pneumatic operation of the butyl process is controlled by a PLC that electronically regulates the temperature of the butyl heaters. A timer enables the pre-heating of Butyl ahead of the start of operation. The height adjustment is available according to the frame size. And the nozzle width shall be controlled by pneumatic and hydraulic parallel method. Conveyor speed can be adjusted with 5 conveyor speed. Possible to control the length of butyl application and monitoring current production quantity on the touch screen.


  • Nozzles width and working speed adjustable
  • Accurate butyl volume 14L
  • Self-diagnosis and alarm function
  • Changeable working height potion