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Respected users:
Thank you for your inquiry or purchase - TENON(BEIJING)EQUPMENT CO.,LTD. products. In order to protect your legitimate rights and interests and equipment life, please read the user manual carefully before using our company's products. Here is the service information you most concerned about, and you will get considerate service. This manual provides a detailed specification for the scope, responsibility and charge of paid services for the free service. Please supervise the quality of our service.
- note:
1, pre-sale service: please purchase or update the insulating glass production line and communicate with our sales leaders in each area. We will cooperate with every customer to achieve the best production line configuration.
2, sale in service: please timely prepare for your arrival before receiving the new equipment, and contact with the sales person in charge and the customer service leader, arrange the electricity, gas, water and trial material in time, and configure the personnel well.
3, after service: please cooperate with the training of the use and maintenance personnel in the process of installation of the equipment. In the installation and use of equipment in the installation and use of problems, please contact with our sales officer and customer service officer in time and feedback in writing.

After - sale service mailbox james@tenon.com.cn is submitted to the customer support department or the specific service person, will get the timely treatment plan.

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